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I'm a Zone 8. I'm doing a little gardening to satisfy a curiosity to see whether or not I can do it. People make it look so easy-- what's stopping me from making it work? Contrary to my name ("Hana" means flower in Japanese) I have a history of killing plants. Well, most of them. Let's see how this one goes!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Planting Day Part I

About half of the bed is filled in with seedlings now. While it was nice that the moisture cooled the air a bit, after the second rain of the day it went from pleasantly cool to uncomfortably chilly. I managed to plunk quite a bit of stuff into the ground before the sun went down.

The damage so far:
4 "Homestead" tomatoes
2 Green bell peppers
2 Yellow bell peppers
2 Red bell peppers
5 Cayenne peppers
5 Jalapeno peppers
6 Sweet banana peppers
3 Sweet basil
3 Greek oregano
1 Lavender

Sprinkled among them are marigolds. I'll be popping some other "companion" ornamentals in between the rows tomorrow, but for today I had to stop because it got so darned cold! It wasn't really just the temperature but also the shade that bothered me. Our house faces due west and the garden, which is to the rear and is thus east of the house, is completely shaded by about 5pm. The lack of sun warmth just chilled me so much that I abandoned any thought of last-minute seeding and opted instead to wander into the front yard where the boyfriend is starting a landscaping project of his own. We pulled up weeds and tore apart some old metal landscape framing left over from the previous homeowners. As the sun dipped below the houses across the street, we called it a night and headed indoors for some oven-fresh brownies. Mmmm :9

Tomorrow's schedule is to plot out where climbing stuff is going to go, if I can manage a root vegetable area, and if there is any way I can manage a pumpkin patch somewhere in the yard. I may also have to run out for some more soil amendments as I really have no idea what the state of my soils are. There is a fancy nursery near my house-- they may have some neat things to look at, as well. I'm all kinds of excited :D

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