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I'm a Zone 8. I'm doing a little gardening to satisfy a curiosity to see whether or not I can do it. People make it look so easy-- what's stopping me from making it work? Contrary to my name ("Hana" means flower in Japanese) I have a history of killing plants. Well, most of them. Let's see how this one goes!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So a couple weeks ago I ordered some seeds from the eBayer Eco Seeds, an Indian girl living in Toronto. I got an email today from her telling me that some lady somewhere else got my order, and that I should be expecting hers in the mail shortly and if I could please forward her order that would be great. *headdesk* For some reason, I am not the least bit perturbed or annoyed by this, but instead amused. After all, the night all our orders went out she sent us an email saying that they were looking forward to taking the next day off and getting some much needed rest. I guess having a personal touch to this and knowing that these are real people and not mechanized warehouse machines doing the processing makes it okay for me.

Anyway, I don't even remember what I ordered-- maybe 3 or 4 different flowers and herbs? I kind of don't want to look back on my order because it makes it more of a surprise, like Christmas! (haha how sad is that?) Albeit a late Christmas, and I'll first be opening a present meant for, say, my cousin instead of me.

I planned on going out and cracking into limestone today, but the holes where I dug in the ground are very very soggy with a little standing water, and my left hand appears to be broken (at least it feels that way-- I probably just strained something). This means that I will be repotting some things that need more room and pushing the quarry work to tomorrow, which will be an equally (if not more) beautiful day. My basils have been loving the weather recently and all three cartons of basil are growing beautifully. I bought a pack of Burpee mixed tomatoes that are starting to sprout their first true leaves, and they desperately need homes now, as well. All of the mystery plants that I was hoping would be peppers are turning into tomatoes (as far as I can tell), including the mutant one with 3 cotyledons. My zucchinis shot up several inches in less than a week and also demand new homes (but would love nothing more than to be in the ground). Everything is sort of rushing at me now, and almost everything points to me *needing* to get this bed prepared and everything in the ground before the scorching summer slams down on us. Also pressing pretty hard is the fact that the boyfriend will be out of town for two weeks come April, so any manly labor and hauling abilities will be limited once he's gone.

Wow, now that I've written all that out I just feel like AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHGHGHH.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Good luck with the mystery seeds! Be sure to let us know what you end up with. :)

Melanie said...

I like the idea of a late Christmas gift. Think I won't go over that order of perennials I ordered back in February. I only remember two of them.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I hope your seed sowing goes well. Love the name of your blog. You're in the midst of a bunch of Austin gardeners. They'll lend assistance, I'm sure. Try Pam @ Digging and Annie @ The Transplantable Rose for example. I'm just a little bit north and I'm open for questions too. Welcome to Blotanical.~~Dee

Vanillalotus said...

Be careful there hana with that limestone! Good luck with your seeds. Do update us when you receive them and plant them. I completely do that forget what I bought then get excited when I get a package in the mail. By the way I'm in San Antonio. I look forward to seeing how your garden adventurous pan out and what you grow.

Meems said...

Hana: I hope you are busily digging up that yard for all your seedling transplants. Miss hearing how the progress is coming.

Hey- congrats... you've moved all the way up to #16 on the favorites list over at Blotanical. You know that means lots of folks are 'reading' your blog! How exciting. Hope all is going well for you.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Neza said...

Fun Blog !! Yes, you should post lots more photos. Good luck with your gardening.

From The Rock and Roll Gardener in Minnesota

hanako! said...

Nancy-- strangely enough, I haven't received any yet! And here I was hoping for something kind of cool.

Melanie-- When my order did come in I was very happy-- "Ah, that's a neat plant!" Seriously, it's almost weird how much pleasure one can glean from surprising one's own self.

Dee-- Thanks! You know that Oklahoma is one state that I've never been to? I've traveled cross-country a number of times but I have never been to OK. I will have to check out your blog now to see what gardening is like up there :D

Vanillalotus-- I used to order all sorts of crap online, and imagine the surprise I would get when the UPS man would show up with yet another package! Hooray, it's another gift wrapped up FOR ME. Silly, yes? And I'll be keeping better track of my blog and all of ya'lls now, too :3

Meems-- I've been just like a gopher! It's not lovely like your plots are, but I am doing what I can!

Neza-- will do! Thank you for dropping by! :D

Anonymous said...

I live in zone 8 too.. I just started germinating a bunch of seeds and thought I'd have at least a week before they were ready to transplant. Guess again -- the radishes I started 3 days ago are already trying to push the dome off of them, and it's too early to plant them outside :[