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I'm a Zone 8. I'm doing a little gardening to satisfy a curiosity to see whether or not I can do it. People make it look so easy-- what's stopping me from making it work? Contrary to my name ("Hana" means flower in Japanese) I have a history of killing plants. Well, most of them. Let's see how this one goes!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I haven't felt like doing anything. Somehow both ennui and disinterest have hit me, which is a little odd considering that it's absolutely gorgeous outside at the moment.

Part of this malaise is the fact that everything that I want to start seeding that is currently in my collection is in a container of some sort. I have an itching to go out and buy more seeds, but considering that I haven't gotten a final garden layout drawn yet that seems a bit silly.

I do really want to get some more companion flowers, like lovage, borage, and four-o-clocks. I really want strawberries, but I wonder if they would totally die in the upcoming heat. There are a couple of veggies that I absolutely NEED to grow-- kyuri of any kind (Japanese cucumbers) and red noodle yard long beans.

Kyuri are the BEST BEST BEST cucumbers known to man. Every other cucumber is worse than inferior compared to these guys. 3/$1 in Japan, 5/$1 on a good day. I seriously should have smuggled seeds out of the country.

ARE THESE NOT THE COOLEST LOOKING BEANS EVER. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. I love snap and long beans of all kinds, and the red noodle yard longs look so incredibly GORGEOUS. I just want to cover the entire side of the house and fence with these guys. I can just see the kids coming off the bus and picking the beans for the hell of it and I wouldn't blame them.

Sigh. Back to reality-- I just hope that my seedlings survive the next couple weeks. That is my goal.

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dspellman said...

I just started some Japanese cucumbers from a seedling I picked up at Lowes. I transferred the seedling to a pretty large pot (but I think it's going to have to be bigger) and it took off. I've got one of those conical wire tomato thingies in the pot (about 4' tall) and the tendrils are just pulling the new growth right up along it. Grows fast. California sun. Needs LOTS of water. LOTS. So I've gotta water it twice a week minimum, perhaps three times.